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180 Degrees






Completed Projects
Field of Expertise:
Strategic Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting - Vienna
What makes us special:
180 Degrees Consulting is the world´s biggest consultancy and profits from a strong international network from 140 branches in 40 countries. 180 is the only student business consultancy offering their services pro-bono to client who cannot afford consulting. Our consultants are full members from day one and  support non-profit and social enterprises that aim to improve education, health, economic and environmental outcomes and have not yet reached their full potential.  

180DC works on innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for non-profits and socially-conscious organizations especially in the fields of sustainability, social impact and education. Students get to make a difference by improving the way these organizations operate and help them master strategic challenges while receiving valuable individual coaching and feedback by experts. Our highly motivated student consultant teams offer their diverse know-how, passion and time to achieve the greatest social impact for our clients.

What our consultants say about us:

  • Lena Vonwiller - 180Degrees Alumni
    Lena Vonwiller
    Meet our Alumna Lena Vonwiller. She was born in Carinthia and came to Vienna for her studies in International Business Administration. She joined 180 Degrees Consulting after some time abroad at the National University of Singapore and was part of the Executive Board before starting her career at the Boston Consulting Group. Besides her work in management consulting Lena is a compassionate advocate of Female Empowerment and Social Volunteering, effectively supporting initiatives such as the Ronald McDonald Charities and Effective Altruism.
  • Lena Hödl - 180Degrees Alumni
    Lena Hödl
    Meet our Alumna Lena Hödl. She graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business with a master’s degree in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy. She joined 180 Degrees Consulting during her studies and was part of the Executive Board. Over the last three years Lena has been the Managing Director and Head of Accelerator at Female Founders and is currently establishing an Impact Venture Builder in Vienna. She is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community and generously shares her insights and advice helping several organizations.
lumos Student Data Consulting






Completed Projects
Field of Expertise:
Data Processing,
Big Data Analytics,
Machine Learning,
Domain Knowledge (e.g. IoT, Software Engineering, Biostatistics)

Lumos Student Data Consulting
What makes us special:
First JE with a focus on data science

Lumos is a student consultancy with a focus on data science. We enable committed and talented young professionals from technical fields of study to go beyond academic education and improve their skills on practical tasks. We support companies by optimizing their processes with help of the latest technologies, thereby helping them to benefit from the often-unexploited potential of data. Our vision is to develop the data scientists of tomorrow.

What our consultants say about us:

  • Hero Shot - Jürgen Dieber
    Jürgen Dieber
    Hi, I am Jürgen and I love building communities to enable people to connect on a personal and professional level. I've got a background in business & data science and always have my hands full working on crazy ideas.
  • Hero Shot - Michael Kollarczik
    Michael Kollarczik
    My name is Michael and I am a business student with a background in data analytics.I am always looking for new challenges, I am very into music and I love sharing my positive energy with others.
icons - consulting for students






Completed Projects
Field of Expertise:
Not Data yet

icons - consulting by students

icons is the largest student run consultancy in Austria, with 88 members and locations in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck. icons is set to create a prosperous environment for its members, enabling them to outgrow themselves and using their know-how to deliver the best results to icons clients. In over 300 projects, icons has acquired profound expertise in the fields of Strategy & Innovation, Marketing and Human Potential surpassing the expectations of its clients which range from small Start-ups to big corporates like Siemens

What our consultants say about us:

  • Anna Feldmeier - icons Alumni
    Anna Feldmeier
    Anna Feldmeier joined icons – consulting by students after finishing her BSc in Business Administration in Munich. She has done several internships at renowned companies such as BMW or BCG. Anna spent one semester at Copenhagen Business school, and completed her CEMS Master in International Management in Vienna. Right now she is a Consultant at BCG.
  • Thomas Henry Murray - Alumni icons
    Thomas Henry Murray
    Thomas Henry Murray joined icons 2010 while studying International Business Administration at the WU in Vienna. During his bachelor’s degree he also spent time abroad in South Korea and China as part of exchange programs. Later he went to London to do a MSc in history at the LSE. After a brief stint in private equity at Morgan Stanley, Murray joined the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Today he is the CCO of Waterdrop, a startup he co-founded in 2017 and now sells their product to more than 1 million clients.
uniforce Consulting GmbH






Completed Projects
Field of Expertise:
Strategy Consulting,
Marketing & Growth,
IT services, Recruiting Services

uniforce Consulting GmbH
What makes us special:
There are several reasons why uniforce might be a unique and extraordinary chance for students to grow personally and acquire professional skills. However, the most important one might be both the chance and the need to develop leadership skills, formally by becoming Managing Partner or Department Head, but also informally because every single member can come up with its very own visions and objectives she or he wants to achieve. In fact, everyone could be the one to shape the future of the organization for many years or even a decade.

uniforce Consulting is an Austrian student consultancy founded in 1989, initially the first organization putting the originally French concept of Junior Enterprises to practice in Austria.   Since 2001 uniforce Consulting was transformed to a limited liability company.   With its three locations in Vienna, Carinthia and Upper Austria, uniforce Consulting is a vibrant, growing organization operating in all middle-European countries and temporarily overseas when required by international clients.

What our alumnis say about us:

  • Hero Shot - Evgeniya Ogorodnikova
    Evgeniya Ogorodnikova
    After growing up in Russia, I started my studies in Vienna. My participation at uniforce was like a "crashcourse" for the business community in Austria. It was exciting to meet like-minded ambitious students and work together on projects.  After completing the CEMS Master's degree andworking in the US, UK and Germany, I moved to Ireland to work for Google as a Product Spezialist.
  • Felix Windsperger - uniforce Alumni
    Felix Windsperger
    I completed my training at WU Vienna and ESADE in Barcelona. In addition to my studies, I have gained insights into various companies and industries. Among other things, I worked for the Austrian Embassy in Washington D.C. and for N26 in Berlin. I am currently passionate about consulting at McKinsey & Company, where I have been employed since 2020.
Vienna Law Clinics






Completed Projects
Field of Expertise:
All legal aspects relevant for Start Ups

Vienna Law Clinics
What makes us special:
Free legal advice for Start Ups – Unique hands-on experience for ambitious students

Vienna Law Clinics (VLC) imports the US American concept of a law clinic to Austria: Experienced law students offer free legal advice to individuals and organisations who would otherwise not be able to afford counselling. VLC has been established in 2014 and continues to connect motivated Start Up founders with aspiring law students who wish to gain on-the-job work experience. To ensure high-quality advice, the counselling is performed under supervision and guidance of highly experienced law firms.

What our consultants say about us:

  • Hero Shot - Ute Schreiner
    Ute Schreiner
    I am an LL.M. student at King's College London who previously worked in the department for gender equality policies at the Austrian Federal Chancellery and at the University of Vienna. Throughout my time at the Refugee Law Clinic, I gained friendships and experiences that influenced me enormously. What particularly impressed me were the enriching discussions, especially during the development of new projects, in which all members contributed their creativity and ideas.
  • Hero Shot - Felix Kernbichler
    Felix Kernbichler
    Felix Kernbichler founded Vienna Law Clinics in2014. He is now director of the Law Clinic at the University of Vienna andworks as an Attorney at Law in Vienna. His practice primarily focuses onventure capital & startups, corporate law, M&A, restructurings andinsolvency matters. He holds a PhD in Law from the University of Vienna and anLL.M. from Harvard Law School.

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