SO... What is a Junior Enterprise?
The concept of Junior Enterprises aims to provide students of higher education with an unique hands-on experience. While still studying at university, students manage their own non-profit enterprises.
These companies, called Junior Enterprises, offer consulting services to the market, in relation to their fields of study (Business, Design, Engineering...).
‍The students sell, manage and execute these services. This gives them hands-on entrepreneurial  professional experience and the opportunity to impact their clients' businesses.
Our Mission

Junior Enterprises Austria fosters entrepreneurship through supporting, representing, and connecting existing and future Junior Enterprises in Austria among each other as well as external stakeholders.

Our Vision

Ensure an entrepreneurial spirit among Austrian students and Austria’s institutions.


JE Austria is a national confederation of JE Europe and acts as the umbrella organization representing, integrating and supporting the network of all Junior Enterprises in Austria


The main goal of Junior Enterprises is enabling students to gain practical experience, amend their education and expand their personal networks

Junior Enterprises

A Junior Enterprise is an organization which is formed and managed by students, providing services for companies and institutions

Junior Enterprises Austria - Logo
Behind the curtains
Meet our current BOARD
Lennart Jordan
Vice President
David Ilk
International Manager
Susanne Schatz
Head of IT
Slavomir Slavtchev
Head of Finance
HR & Organization
Lukas König
Head of Corporate Relations & Growth
Juliane Hotter
Head of Marketing
Julia Unterweger
Head of Legal Affairs
Philipp Steiner
Head of Events
Maria Hristova
Junior Enterprises Austria - Logo
Behind the curtains
Nora Panholzer
Dominik Sylejmani
Our network grows organically
Our History

In 1991 the foundation for our network was set. Since then we have grown organically to our current size of Junior Enterprises in Austria. And many more is expected to come!


16 countries, 357 Junior Enterprises

JE Europe is the Junior Enterprise organisation on an european level, consisting of 9 confederations and 7 consultative members that are collaborating to strengthen the Junior Enterprise Network.
JE Europe exists to ensure the development and growth of the Network in Europe. They are an umbrella organization that represents, supports and integrates the European Network of Junior Enterprises. JE Europe is enhancing the network since 1992.

53 years of history
30k Junior Enterpreneurs
250+ Universities
5300+ added value projects
17M€ Turnover
353+ Junior Enterprises

The JE network is expanding

The Junior Enterprises Global Organization ("JE Global") is the International Organization that represents the Junior Enterprise Network Worldwide.

Since 2016, we exist to strengthen the Junior Enterprise Global Network towards delivering more impact.
Our role is to enlarge the network, by working and partnering for the creation of JEs & confederations in new countries, and to develop it, through support & connection initiatives.

Junior Enterprises are present in more than
41 countries

Worldwide we count more than
51 000 JE's

Currently we are enlarging heavily in Asia, creating JEs in Mexico, Chile and Colombia

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