Junior Enterprises Austria comprises several Junior Enterprises that have specialized in different fields of activity, with locations across Austria. Find detailed descriptions of the existing Junior Enterprises & Junior Initatives as well as information on how to join them below. If you are in a city without a JE location or if you are specialized in a different field of activity, you might also be looking for information on how to found your very own Junior Enterprise!

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You want more than just study? You want to make an impact? You are interested in applying and expanding your skills in real projects with external clients, gain leadership experience and join an exclusive and international alumni network?


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You have the Student Enterpreneur inside of you? You are truly convinced that you and your fellow students can help companies to succeed? You really want to generate an impact and found your own Junior Enterprise.

lumos Student Data Consultingicons - consulting for studentsuniforce Consulting GmbHVienna Law Clinics

Talente Österreich

  2. Location: Vienna
  3. Members: 100+

 Talente Österreich is an association that offers first-year students a one-year, free mentoring program that provides insights into highly exciting areas.During the program soft and hard skills are improved in monthly workshops with top companies. In the course of a collaborative final project and a team-building weekend the group grows together. In addition, all participants receive qualified career advice through 1:1 mentoring.

lumos Student Data Consulting

Lumos Student Data Consulting

  2. Location: Vienna
  3. Members: 29

Lumos is a student consultancy with a focus on data science. We enable committed and talented young professionals from technical fields of study to go beyond academic education and improve their skills on practical tasks. We support companies by optimizing their processes with help of the latest technologies, thereby helping them to benefit from the often-unexploited potential of data. Our vision is to develop the data scientists of tomorrow.

icons - consulting for students

icons - consulting by students

  2. Location: Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck
  3. Members: 88

icons is the largest student run consultancy in Austria, with 88 members and locations in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck. icons is set to create a prosperous environment for its members, enabling them to outgrow themselves and using their know-how to deliver the best results to icons clients. In over 300 projects, icons has acquired profound expertise in the fields of Strategy & Innovation, Marketing and Human Potential surpassing the expectations of its clients which range from small Start-ups to big corporates like Siemens.

uniforce Consulting GmbH

uniforce Consulting

  2. Location: Vienna, Klagenfurt, Linz
  3. Members: 83

uniforce Consulting is an Austrian student consultancy founded in 1989, initially the first organization putting the originally French concept of Junior Enterprises to practice in Austria.   Since 2001 uniforce Consulting was transformed to a limited liability company.   With its three locations in Vienna, Carinthia and Upper Austria, uniforce Consulting is a vibrant, growing organization operating in all middle-European countries and temporarily overseas when required by international clients.

Vienna Law Clinics

Vienna Law Clinics

  2. Location: Vienna
  3. Members: 56

Vienna Law Clinics (VLC) imports the US American concept of a law clinic to Austria: Experienced law students offer free legal advice to individuals and organisations who would otherwise not be able to afford counselling. VLC has been established in 2014 and continues to connect motivated Start Up founders with aspiring law students who wish to gain on-the-job work experience. To ensure high-quality advice, the counselling is performed under supervision and guidance of highly experienced law firms.

Business Consulting Society

  2. Location: Vienna
  3. Members: 25

Our mission is to connect students and consulting companies! We realize our mission with various events regarding consulting with well-known consulting companies. We organize everything from promotion, moderation, recruiting, feedback evaluation and companies provide relevant content. We enable students to pursuit their interest in consulting and get the possibility to be recruited by consulting companies. Our highly motivated members also benefit from internal events and networking possibilities with likeminded students from various study backgrounds.

Business & Finance Club Vienna

  2. Location: Vienna
  3. Members: 15

The Business & Finance Club Vienna was founded in 2020 with the aim of promoting and expanding financial education inAustria. Our goal is to offer students of all disciplines with an interest in the world of finance a platform where they can gain further education and network with like-minded people. We offer professional training in almost all core areas of finance (e.g. Equity Valuation / Company Valuation, InvestmentBanking, Risk Management etc.).


  2. Location: Vienna
  3. Members: 18

Mosaik embodies the essence of community, networking, and friendship, creating a space where individuals can connect, collaborate, and cultivate lasting relationships. We energize students to reach their potential and inspire professional and personal growth. Through hands-on projects with our partner corporations, students learn to think innovatively and apply skills in the areas of strategic advising, tech, and design. Additionally, students have the ability to found a start up in our newly launched incubator, the cube.

  2. Location: Linz
  3. Members: 24 is a non-profit student initiative located in Linz, Austria. The organization pursues the goal of fostering AI talent at Austrian universities by providing the possibility to actively engage in the development of state-of-the-art technologies in workshops or AI-based coding challenges as well as fully-fledged research with renowned academic institutions and industrial business partners. The interdisciplinary and open-minded drive behind the initiative connects everybody interested in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, regardless of one's degree program.


  2. Location: Vienna
  3. Members:

Oikos Vienna is an organization dedicated to addressing the intersection of economics and sustainability, particularly in response to the climate crisis. They aim to inspire future leaders, particularly within the field of economics and business, to take responsibility for promoting sustainability. Their activities include organizing events, discussions, and exploring topics like sustainable fashion, finance, climate-related law, and institutions. They also collaborate with the Vienna University of Business and Economics to advocate for curriculum changes encouraging critical thinking about the economy and the environment. Oikos Vienna fosters a community united by values such as ecological responsibility, fairness, collaboration, and innovation, offering opportunities for young volunteers to contribute to sustainability alongside their studies.

180Degrees Consulting

  2. Location: Innsbruck
  3. Members: 18

180 Degrees Consulting is the world's largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, with branches in over 40 countries and more than 10,000 consultants at a time worldwide. The 180DC Innsbruck branch was founded in early 2021 and currently has 18 members. We've successfully completed 8 projects and are continuously growing and hiring for new members. At 180DC Innsbruck we believe in a sustainable world where economics and environment are no longer separated.

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We are steadily evolving as an umbrella organisation and always on the lookout for new JEs to join the network. If you have an idea for a JE in a city or field of activity you don’t see covered yet, contact us! Let’s talk about founding your very own JE…


And how do you create your own Junior Enterprise?
It‘s quite easy – at least in theory! Just follow the International Maturity Model by JE Europe, the umbrella organization of all Junior Enterprises in Europe:



  • Find a group of 5–10 students
  • Contact JE Austria
  • Study the next steps



  • Set up your business model
  • Research the target market
  • Define your services portfolio



  • Build your brand
  • Find private and public
    partners & clients



  • Form an entity
  • Define internal rules
  • Elect your board



  • Become recognised as a JE
  • Take part in the JE Movement



  • Define your strategic goals,
    and internal & external processes
  • Realize your first project

Roadmap to creating your own Junior Enterprise

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